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Cimarron-Memorial High School's Robotics Team 987, "The High Rollers" partnered up with their sponsor LOWE'S in order to remodel the old dilapidated woodshop on campus. Teacher Eric Stensrud, had a vision to design an engineering room around the school's very successful robotics team. The room has state of the art tools and equipment in order to manufacture the parts needed to build an award winning robot year after year. This engineering room is the flagship for the new NAF Academies here at Cimarron-Memorial and will be used for the engineering students throughout their junior and senior courses.

Interested in having a T-Shirt launcher at your company event? 

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T-Shirt sizes that can be launched are adult sizes M-XL.

*All donations go directly to our NAF Academy senior project fund.

Engineering Courses

LOWE'S Engineering & Design Studio

FRESHMEN             Introduction to Engineering  (CAD Design & 3D Printing)

FRESHMEN             ADM I  (CAD Design & 3D Printing)

SENIORS                 Internship/Senior Project  (FIRST  Robotics Competition)

SOPHOMORES      ADM II (CAD Design & Small Parts Manufacturing)

SOPHOMORES      Principles of Engineering and Development (Robot Construction)


SENIORS                 Internship/Senior Project  (FIRST  Robotics Competition)

Senior Project 2013 Sponsored by Lenovo

The Academy of ADM answers an acute need for engineers in this country by educating high school students in the principles of engineering, and providing content in the fields of electronics, biotech, aerospace, civil engineering, and architecture. .

The 2013 Senior project was sponsored by Lenovo Inc. The engineering and IT seniors designed, manufactured, and programmed an automated T-Shirt launcher that can be used at local sporting events. Our first event that we brought our new launcher to was the CMHS 2013 Homecoming football game. The students had a "blast" launching T-Shirts into the crowd. The next event that the team will participate in, is a Las Vegas Wranglers hockey game on December 27, 2013 at the Orleans Arena. The students and Lenovo are partnering up to take the launcher to one of Lenovo's many tech conferences. Building strong relations with companies is an important aspect with our academies.

Advanced Design & Manufacturing  Courses

ADM Academy

JUNIORS                 CIMS  (Metal Parts Manufacturing, CNC and Lathe)

JUNIORS                 ADM III  (Metal Parts Manufacturing, CNC and Lathe)